Ruby and diamond engagement ring sets

When it comes to an engagement ring there is no better combination of stone for an engagement ring than diamond and ruby, they just feels like kind of symbol of love where the red color of ruby is the manifestation of your love towards your loved one. Here in this below collecction of rings all the rings are fitted with a combination of diamond and ruby, a diamond is fitted at the centre while a ruby is fitted alongside of the central diamond piece, on the other hand opposite of it is visible for some other rings. All the rings in this collection are crafted by the best of the best craftmans and are made up of fine quality platinum, that leaves no doubt regarding the quality  of rings. Special attention have been paid by the craftmans towards the fashion and luxury demands of the present era while designing these rings.

The rings in this collection are designed to be unique in themselves and no ring is similar to another, even the shape of the central stone is varying among all. Some of the rings are fitted with a circular diamond while some are having a square shaped, one of them is so unique that it has heart shaped diamond at its centre. And all this is done to suit individual needs because everyone has his own taste, so go ahead and choose whichever suits your need best.

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